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Commercial Refrigeration Repair & Air Conditioning Repair Services

Here at Bluebird Refrigeration, we are proud to provide a top-class refrigeration and air conditioning repair service nationwide in England and throughout North Wales too. We strive for our expert team to have the ability to reach as many customers as possible, so in your time of need, you know there’s only one company to call – and that’s us! Our team of refrigerator repair engineers are strategically located throughout the country to uphold our commitment to rapid call-out times. One of our team can always quickly get to you if you need our assistance, as we understand that waiting around for an expert to come to your property can seriously hinder your business.

We take the repair of air conditioning and refrigeration units seriously here at Bluebird, so you can be sure you’re in capable hands.

Our experienced and skilled team is our most valuable asset, and we’re very lucky to have them! They help us uphold our reputation as one of the most trusted refrigeration companies in the country. Our overall service has earned nothing but positive reviews from customers that may have first contacted us for our commercial refrigeration repair service, but due to our fine job, have stayed on board and now have their system maintenance checked by our team frequently.

The need for a talented team of engineering experts is great nationwide and we feel like we have just the people at our disposal. We are committed to ensuring that a top quality service is performed on your flagging machine in double quick time, without ever compromising on quality. At Bluebird Refrigeration, we’re easy to contact, so you can speedily be put through to one of our team. From here, we can speak to you about your issue and arrange a call out as soon as possible.

Whether you require immediate attention for your refrigerator or air conditioning unit, our commercial fridge repair experts are on hand to help straight away.


Our versatility is what sets us apart from competitors, and which is why clients all over England depend on us to restore their system on the blink back to its original, good as new, condition. We are able to deal with any kind of client that needs our help, no matter your industry. So if you’re hesitant about whether we can help you, read on to see how many services we can help for yourself.

As well as having strength in numbers, our team of experts also have experience in commercial refrigeration repair and a variety of refrigeration and air conditioning applications in many types of sites including:

Butchers, bakers & produce shops

We understand that refrigeration and AC maintenance is a huge part of how shops are run in these fields, as produce can quickly deteriorate to a condition where they are unsuitable for consumption, potentially losing business as a result. So if you work in one of these industries and you’re worried about the condition of your machine, give us a call today.

Bars and clubs

With the sheer volume of people that use bars and clubs on a regular basis, it is important to have a commercial refrigerator that is fully functioning around the clock to ensure business runs as smoothly as possible. If you happen to encounter any faults with your refrigeration unit or air conditioning device, then be sure to get into contact with our ac service team today.

Coffee shops, fast food outlets and restaurants

This is similar in your standard coffee shops, fast food outlets and restaurants that regularly supply food and drinks to the masses. Bluebird Refrigeration is on hand to assist you with any problems you have with your commercial refrigerator or air conditioning system.

Convenience stores and supermarkets

Food and drink is often stored in large commercial refrigerators in convenience stores or supermarkets, and their upkeep is hugely important in making sure that what is being sold is fit for purpose. With this in mind, if you happen to find a fault in your refrigerator or air conditioning system, contact our commercial fridge repair company today!

Distribution centres and factories

Fridges and air conditioning units are very important before products reach the shelves too” After all, they need to be kept at a specific temperature at all times, so if this is not the case and you need an AC repair company to come to your assistance, get in touch with Bluebird Refrigeration now.

High street stores and garden centres

In high street stores and garden centres, refrigeration units are a major component of how they are run, ensuring that all products are kept in the best possible condition for use by consumers. If any faults are found in your system then our AC maintenance service can help.

Beauty therapy, fitness centres and holiday parks

Any of these more niche settings may make use of commercial refrigerators or air conditioning. If they experience a fault then Bluebird Refrigeration can help get them back to their best possible condition. Contact our air conditioning maintenance service now!

Offices and many more…

Check out our selection of case studies for examples of our completed work. If your industry isn’t included on this list, the chances are that our experts will still be able to help as part of our commercial refrigeration service. Simply get in touch to find out more.

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Check out some of our answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive...

It is important to regularly keep on top of the condition of your refrigerator or AC unit, to make sure that there are no hidden issues that you’re not aware of already. This can sometimes mean getting an expert to look over your system even if there appears to be no problems present. By getting your machine regularly serviced you are able to keep on top of its condition, avoiding the risk of any faults in the future and giving you the peace of mind that your system will continue to perform at the highest standard. Is it really worth taking the risk of encountering a fault unexpectedly? If you place your trust in an experienced and professional refrigeration company, your system is in safe hands at all times.

Due to our around the clock 24/7 call out service, you will not have to worry about our availability when you discover a problem. As commercial refrigerators are largely used in business settings, it’s very common that a faulty refrigeration system can mean a loss of income. We understand that issues can cause an immediate disruption to businesses, especially ones that work through the night. This is why Bluebird Refrigeration can always be by your side, whenever you need us! We are able to reach your business quickly, wherever you are based in the country, no questions asked. Calling our emergency callout number on 800 0432 583 means you can benefit from our service at all times. Whether this is early in the morning or in the dead of night, our team can reach you.

If there is a fault with your refrigerator then you should look to get it checked out immediately by an expert, they can give you their knowledgeable opinion on what the issue is, what needs to be done to repair it, and how long it will take before it’s back to its former condition.  We will be able to quickly diagnose the problem and tell you the best course of action that is required to either get your system up and running as soon as possible, or as damage limitation, how long your business may be experiencing down time for. This gives you peace of mind that your refrigeration system is in the right hands and will be fixed as soon as possible. We will always be honest and transparent with our clients, making no false promises so you can work with the accurate information given and work out the next steps to take.

Here at Bluebird Refrigeration, we understand that you will be on the lookout for the most competitive price around, that doesn’t compromise on quality in your time of need, which is what we gladly provide. One of the reasons we are so popular with our loyal customers is the quality of work we produce – repairing all kinds of issues with a refrigeration system – compared to how much we charge for our services.

Unfortunately, we are unable to put a specific price on our commercial fridge repair service, as we’re sure you can appreciate our service is bespoke and we charge based on the faults we encounter and the scale of the job. After all, we wouldn’t want to list a quote on our website only for you to find out that your issue is different and may in fact cost more than the initial price. Or, we wouldn’t want to put you off working with us with a high quote when in fact our repair may eventually be much cheaper. But, if you get in touch with one of our friendly team today, we will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

Wherever you are based in the country, Bluebird Refrigeration is able to be of assistance due to the national service that we are proud to provide. That’s right, it doesn’t matter if you are located in Durham or Derby, our team of commercial refrigeration repair experts can reach you as soon as possible, so you encounter little downtime that disrupts your business flow.

Although we are based primarily in Skelmersdale, we are able to respond to your callout wherever you are located in the country. Our engineers are strategically placed to ensure that we can achieve a rapid response to any call out, no matter where you are based. So whether you are in need of commercial fridge repair in Manchester or any other location in the country, we are on hand to be of assistance whenever you need us!

Even in the case of emergency repairs, we will immediately have engineers make their way to your premises after you initially get in touch. We will always strive to reach your system as soon as possible, so you can quickly receive a diagnosis.

At Bluebird Refrigeration, we are proud to say that our level of service has taken us a long way over our years as a company, and we have developed positive relationships with many long term clients. Most of these started with a routine callout from one of our team, as their refrigeration or air conditioning unit was encountering a fault.

Many of our clients are so impressed by our work that they employ our team to perform regular maintenance on their system. This way, they can relax safe in the knowledge it is in peak condition at all times. Of course, if you have no faults present at the moment and would purely like to benefit from our maintenance service, then this is more than acceptable. Simply give us a call or drop us an email and we can schedule a time to check over your refrigerator or air conditioning unit at a time that suits you.

If you feel like you could benefit from our refrigeration maintenance then be sure to get in touch with one of our team.

This can depend on a variety of factors, so there is no real time frame on how long all commercial refrigerators will last. However, with a proper refrigeration maintenance plan, you can look at a lifespan of up to 10 years for your system. This is provided that your machine is maintenance checked regularly, to avoid the build-up of small faults that could send your refrigerator over the end, and leave you having to fork out vast sums to bring in a replacement.

We recommend trusting a specialist engineer, like the ones from Bluebird Refrigeration, to spot any mechanical failures early to make sure that your system lasts as long as possible. After all, keeping on top of a few minor faults over many years is much more efficient than having to buy a replacement every 2-3 years! Although regular maintenance checks and servicing may regularly take a small amount of your budget, it is a much more cost-effective way of managing the condition of your system, as you will be saving on spending a large amount on a replacement machine, when the fatal fault could have been easily diagnosed as part of a commercial refrigeration service.

Our experts are well trained in commercial refrigeration service techniques, so they are the people to call on if you ever want an overall evaluation of how your machine is getting on. We will perform all the necessary checks so you can be dead cert that your refrigeration system is in full working condition and will be able to last for the foreseeable.

As part of a standard service, we will clean your condenser and monitor your evaporator coils to ensure there is nothing that is making them faulty. We will also change your filters, check the gasket and many more! This allows your system to be in the best condition possible after we finish our service, which is why our customers are so happy with the service we provide and will always keep us as a priority for the next time this needs to take place.

This can be down to a problem with your refrigerator coils. They are a vital part of how your unit works, and any issues with these could cause a change in temperature that means your products are frozen rather than chilled. Dusty or dirty coils are the root of this, as any kind of blockage can cause the system to work harder to achieve the desired temperature, resulting in ice forming in some parts of your refrigerator.

To make sure that this problem doesn’t happen to you, call upon a refrigeration maintenance check by Bluebird Refrigeration, we can discover these issues quickly using our industry expertise and remove the fault quickly.

Why Choose Us?

Our engineers are fully qualified and well-versed in air conditioning, chilled and frozen applications utilising all refrigerants ( HFC, CO2 and Hydrocarbon).

Fully Qualified Engineers

Here at Bluebird our team of professionally qualified refrigerator repair engineers allows us to fix any repairs on the first or second visit.

Fully Stocked Vans

Each of our engineers operates from a well-stocked van. They are provided with the necessary specialist tools to
conduct their work in addition to a van stock containing many universal or commonly used refrigeration spares.

24/7 Emergency Callout

At Bluebird we hold a stock within our warehouse and offices that the engineers can call upon 24 /7 in an emergency.


Bluebird is a current member of the the Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Contractors Alliance. This puts us in the group of independent companies who are well established, and are able to provide a first class service around the UK.

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Here at Bluebird Refrigeration we are delighted to share with you some of our brands that we use and work with.

Case Studies

European refrigeration manufacturer supplying large UK supermarket European refrigeration manufacturer supplying large UK supermarket

We received a phone call at 4 o’clock on a Friday evening in 2012 asking…

Hire company operating in discount stores Hire company operating in discount stores

After service levels deteriorated with an existing service provider, we were contacted to provide reactive…

National refrigeration service provider National refrigeration service provider

Recommended by an existing refrigeration and catering wholesaler in summer of 2013, we were contacted…

Catering equipment supplier

In 2012 we made contact with a catering equipment supplier to local small businesses. They…

Fitness & leisure club group

After their existing service provider went into administration, we were contacted by this client to…


Our engineer was approached by a hotel owner whilst working at a nearby site to…

Meat factory outlet

We were called out to local butcher’s factory outlet in 2012 after recurring faults with…

Refrigeration and catering equipment wholesale supplier

Further to a recommendation from a mutual client we began providing warranty service for a…

Three Tailor made packages


Emergency breakdown response within 4 hours and a planned maintenance programme.
Suitable for businesses more than 20 sites where a 4 hour response is critical.
Business will have service managers requiring high level of performance, administration and management support with timely reporting.


Reactive breakdown response within 24 hours and a planned maintenance programme.
Suitable for businesses with 3-20 sites where a 4-hour response is not critical.
Business will have facilities or maintenance manager requiring high level of performance, administration and management support with timely reporting.


Reactive breakdown response within 48 hours.
Suitable for or manufacturers that provide warranty service where the initial response time is within a timescale specified on customer purchase of equipment.
Businesses with 1-3 sites who just want the equipment repaired, don’t need administration support or analysis.

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