Air Conditioning Maintenance

We all know the importance of air conditioning units. In an indoor space that requires clear air at a certain temperature, you’re very likely to find one. Such is their significance, it’s essential that if you own one, you rely on expert air conditioning maintenance to ensure that your unit continues to perform at its maximum potential.

There are many reasons why AC maintenance is so popular with those that make constant use out of their system. After all, having that peace of mind that your device is performing at the best level it can mean you can pay less attention to its upkeep and focus your thinking on other, more important matters at the time.

Here at Bluebird Refrigeration, our experienced team of experts can give you that comfort you’re looking for when operating your air conditioning unit. Whether you require domestic or commercial air conditioning maintenance, we can visit your property and perform the vital maintenance needed to ensure your device is continuing to serve you well.

In depth air conditioning maintenance

We’re able to perform all the necessary checks on the main components of your air conditioning unit, including the filters, coils and fins. These areas are often the ones that need the most attention, as they can easily become clogged if left for a prolonged period without being cleaned. This can seriously affect the filtration of the air in your indoor space and, as such, damage the performance levels of your air conditioning system.

By using commercial AC maintenance, you’re giving your unit the attention to detail it deserves. If it is in constant use throughout the day, then it may be more prone to damage in the near future. Regular air conditioning maintenance ensures that any potential faults are found and diagnosed before a much more serious problem occurs further down the line. By having a maintenance plan in place with the expert team at Bluebird Refrigeration, you can give yourself the confidence that you own a high-performance machine that will save you money in the long term.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

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Would you like to be one of the many that benefit from our AC maintenance service? Or would you like to simply know more about the service we provide? Regardless of your enquiries, our friendly team are here to listen! To contact us today, simply give our head office a call on 01695 660257 or get in touch with our 24/7 service hotline on 0800 0432 583 if you have any pressing issues with your air conditioning system.

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What ac maintenance do I need?

Regular maintenance for your air conditioning unit will ensure that it is performing at its highest level at all times. This way, you can continue to operate as normal, confident that your air conditioning is providing you with the high quality air you require.

One of our expert technicians will gladly visit your premises and perform a routine air conditioning maintenance check on your system. We will use our expertise to eliminate any potential causes of faults in the future, and to make sure that your unit is working to its full potential.
A standard AC maintenance check includes:

  • Testing for the right level of refrigerant
  • Looking for any refrigerant leak
  • Measuring the flow of air through the evaporator coil, ensuring the highest quality possible
  • Checking that the thermostat reading is accurate
  • Oiling any motors and ensuring that belts and tight so they will not risk loosening and causing a problem with your system

The list is not just limited to these checks, as we always strive to perform a thorough aircon maintenance service.

How often should I have my air conditioning maintenance checked?

The truth is, you can have your air conditioning unit checked as often as you like. But obviously, with every check comes a cost, meaning that these are likely to add up as the months and years go on! As a general rule of thumb, we say that you should have your aircon maintenance checked annually.

This way, you can have your system checked regularly enough to ensure that no issues are present, but not so regularly that you’re not letting there be natural usage that will result in an optimal maintenance check.

Dependant on the usage of your air conditioning unit, you may want to bring this down to every six months if it is constantly in use. For advice on this, be sure to contact one of our experts today.

Will air conditioning maintenance fix my system?

Although not as pressing as an air conditioning repair or service, the importance of AC maintenance cannot be understated. By having one of our technicians visit your premises, we’re able to perform routine checks to ensure that your system has a far smaller chance of encountering a problem in the future.

A full scale repair is reactionary, focusing entirely on an issue that has been found. This way, you can be assured the problem is fixed and your air conditioning unit can work as normal once more without it. However, with air conditioning maintenance, this is pre planned and involves a series of standard checks to prevent any of these crucial components failing in the future.

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