Why does my commercial fridge smell?

Why does my commercial fridge smell?

Any problems with your fridge can result in a halt to output, as they are important in keeping what is inside at a certain temperature. This is the case whether it be in a family home or a commercial setting. The good news is that there are often tell-tale signs that there is a problem with your refrigerator such as sounds that signal that something isn’t right, or visual clues such as a broken shelf or door.

However, there is sometimes one unpleasant sign as soon as you open your refrigerator door, a distinctive odour! We here at Bluebird Refrigeration are here to tell you why this could be the case and if you may need to enlist the help of an expert commercial refrigeration repair company to solve the problem once and for all.

Out of date produce

If you work in a hospitality setting that relies on commercial refrigerators to keep your produce in the best possible condition, you will be aware of the importance of making sure that products are kept in date. Any products past their best should be safely disposed of if they show any signs of deteriorating in condition. This can include mould growing on the produce or an unpleasant odour, as not only can this damage the condition of your refrigerator but can prove a safety risk to those consuming the goods stored inside.

Once you have found out what bit of produce isn’t suitable to be kept in the refrigerator anymore, it should be disposed of, and your system should be cleaned to keep it fresh and smelling so.

Lack of cleaning

Following on with the previous point, bad smells are generated through a build up of bacteria, which can often come from a lack of hygiene throughout your refrigerator. You should regularly keep on top of cleaning your refrigerator to make sure that bacteria will not build up and affect the produce that is housed. Much like anything that has not been cleaned for a while, a bad smell can build up and cause problems throughout the whole system which could make a commercial fridge repair call out a necessary requirement.

Checking your interior coil

If you have thoroughly cleaned your commercial refrigerator and a smell still persists, then it could be a deeper rooted problem that the team at Bluebird Refrigeration could be able to assist you with. An odour can often come from your interior coil, as this component can become moist and therefore grow mould.

If you are unsure about how to clean the coil yourself or feel uncomfortable doing so, then be sure to call on us here at Bluebird.

We will send a refrigeration expert to your location as soon as possible to give your commercial refrigeration a thorough clean with our plethora of high quality cleaning solutions. We will even be able to give you some tips on how you can maintain the condition of your refrigerator in the future to avoid the bad smell you were experiencing!

It’s ok to be unsure!

If you can find no distinct reason as to why your commercial refrigerator is smelling, then this is ok, that’s what the experts are for! It is more than likely that your refrigerator will need a service if you are unable to diagnose a problem, which our commercial fridge repair service will be able to help with. If you find that a fault with your refrigerator is causing a bad smell then it is important to contact an expert straight away, so this problem can be fixed as soon as possible.

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