Is your refrigerator leaking Freon?

Is your refrigerator leaking Freon?

As you may be aware, Freon is a vital component in how a refrigerator functions, so if you spot your fridge leaking Freon then it is important to get this looked at immediately by an expert. Establishing if a leak has taken place is useful to know so the problem can be diagnosed so you can either deal with it yourself or call on some professional help, perhaps from Bluebird Refrigeration’s team of experts!

This blog post is to help you learn more about this chemical and its important role in making a refrigerator work at full capacity, as well as the telltale signs as to when your refrigerator could be leaking Freon.

What is Freon?

Freon is a coolant in a refrigerator, and is a popular refrigerant due to it’s high boiling point. This allows it to absorb more heat, which then turns it into a gas that is condensed back into liquid form. It’s ability to transfer heat easily allows for a consistent temperature to be maintained throughout the refrigerator, keeping what’s inside in optimum condition.

How can I tell if my refrigerator is leaking Freon?

The first tell tale sign of leaking Freon is a chemical odour that can start to appear. When your fridge is operating normally, there should be no noticeable chemical smells present, obviously if you leave your produce inside for too long, that might produce an unpleasant odour!

Freon is a colourless gas so you will unable to tell by sight if it is leaking in the air, however a by-product of a leak can leave an oily residue on the floor. This can give you an indicator where the leak is, so make sure you clean up the area then check for a further patch of residue to confirm where the leak could be.

What should I do if my refrigerator is leaking Freon?

If you detect a leak, then you should immediately look to contact an expert who can visit your facilities to take a closer look. Gas leaks such as this can prove dangerous if they are not dealt with in the correct way, so if you are not confident in diagnosing or even fixing the problem yourself you should leave this to an expert.

This is where us at Bluebird Refrigeration come in. Our many years of cumulative industry experience allows us to safely we are a dab hand at dealing at any problems you may have; it is our speciality of course! We are able to visit your facilities in the North of England and Wales, and even the Midlands as soon as possible so these problems don’t disrupt business proceedings to a high level.

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