Refrigerator and Air Conditioning Repairs

No one wants to experience downtime with their refrigerator or air conditioning. It can have a huge impact on your business and result in costly wastage or downtime.

Bluebird Refrigeration offer an expert refrigerator repair and AC repair  service that will get you back up and running in no time at all.

Our team specialise in many types of repairs for both refrigerators and air conditioning units, so you can feel confident that your fault can be restored to top performance in no time, no matter how big or how small this may be. Typical problems that our engineers can help with include:

Leak repairs

Bluebird are able to address any leaks to your refrigerator, providing you with effective refrigerator leak repairs as soon as you need us to get your fridge back up and running. We are able to find the cause of the leak and close this up immediately, as we understand that this can be a major inconvenience, causing a lot of mess and distress as a result!

We also provide leak repairs to air conditioning units that may be leaking air, therefore providing a different temperature to a room than is required, potentially causing major discomfort for the people inside or a change in condition for the items that need being kept at the same temperature.

Door seal repairs

The door is the most important part of a refrigerator, so making sure it is sealed correctly is of paramount importance. It keeps your unit at the correct temperature allowing the produce inside to remain in the condition that is needed for business to be successful. Our refrigerator door seal repairs service is able to restore your door to it’s previous, good as new condition that can see business running as usual.

Air conditioning repair service

At Bluebird Refrigeration we offer an expert commercial air conditioning repair service, with a highly skilled and experienced team.

Condenser coil repairs

With this being one of the most important air conditioning parts, it is crucial to get this repair correct to avoid your unit becoming faulty again in the future. Our experts will be able to handle your condenser coil repair in a way that will avoid the issue happening again in the future and will allow you to have a fully functioning AC for the foreseeable future.

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