What happens during a commercial refrigerator repair?

What happens during a commercial refrigerator repair?

If your refrigeration system encounters a fault, a period of distress and uncertainty can often follow. After all, you may be relying on your refrigerator for business, and without it, the products inside will undoubtedly decline in condition and could cause a considerable period of down time. That’s why you should always have the contact details of a specialist and reliable commercial refrigeration repair company to hand, so you can immediately get in touch whenever you need them.

At Bluebird Refrigeration, we guarantee clients that our service is efficient and effective, allowing you to get back on your feet in next to no time. How exactly do we know this? Let us tell you in this blog post!

When we’re called upon

Our base in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, allows us to be well placed to answer your call, wherever you are! And our 24/7 call out service means that you needn’t worry if we’re out of office, as we will always answer your call. Whether you are based in North Wales all the way down to the Midlands.

As soon as we receive your call for help, our team of engineers will aim to reach your property as soon as possible, as we understand that when your system is down, every minute counts!

Arriving at your facilities

If your refrigerator is on the blink, you might be feeling unsure and stressed out about what the next steps should be. Let our team reassure you upon their arrival. We only employ engineers who excel in customer service (as well as repairs of course!) so we’re sure you will be instantly comforted by their presence.

You can then explain the issues and provide any detail that may aid us when diagnosing what the fault could be before we get to work.

Inspecting the problem

Refrigerators are complex machines and there could be many issues that arise with them over their lifespan. Once you have discovered a fault, it can often be diagnosed through a series of troubleshooting inspections. Naturally, the quicker the issue is spotted and identified, the sooner our expert team can go about fixing it.

As part of our refrigeration repair service, we also offer servicing and maintenance so we can troubleshoot your system at regular intervals. This helps find any potential problems before they become a bigger issue and cause your system to fail. Whenever you need us, our experts will gladly be on hand to thoroughly provide a service report on your refrigeration unit.

Fixing the issue

All of our prior inspections would pale into insignificance if we couldn’t actually fix your fault and get you back on your feet!

Our detailed audit will be able to quickly make the required next steps clear. Often this can be fixed by our experts there and then, allowing you to experience minimal downtime. But, in some extreme cases, we may recommend that a replacement system is the best course of action to take. We will only advise this if we consider the cost of repair will outweigh the cost of purchasing a whole new machine.

Our expert advice is always customer focused. We want you to constantly reap the maximum benefits of your machine, so your business can continue to run smoothly and to a high standard.

Get in touch with Bluebird Refrigeration

Do you need an expert on the scene right away to take a look at your fault? You’ve come to the right place at Bluebird Refrigeration. Our dedicated commercial fridge repair engineers will make it their priority to inspect the problem as soon as possible.

To contact us today, give our 24/7 service hotline a call on 0800 0432 583 or ring our head office on 01695 6602287. You can also fill out our online form or drop us an email at service@bluebirdref.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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