What is fresh air intake, and how can air conditioning units benefit?

What is fresh air intake, and how can air conditioning units benefit?

Many people who benefit from air conditioning may think that they have the process of how it works figured out to a degree, but often they are well wide of the mark. The general perception is that cool, ‘fresh’ air is brought from the outside, replacing the warm air that is kept in the confines of your indoor space, but this isn’t true at all.

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the emphasis on surrounding ourselves with fresh, clean air has been greater than ever. This is why air conditioning systems that exclusively offer fresh air intake has now piqued the interests of more and more people, especially those working in environments such as hospitals, care homes and schools.

So, although your standard air conditioning unit may not use the fresh air that you think it does, it still does the job, right? Sure it does. But for many, attention has now turned to achieving the cleanest air possible to improve ventilation, as well as reaping the traditional benefits of your normal air conditioning.

With this in mind, let’s learn more about how it all works.

How does a standard air conditioning unit work?

A standard air conditioning unit gives the illusion of fresh air being pumped into your room, but this is in fact not the case. It uses a cool, pressured refrigerant to make the warm air that exists cooler, as it passes through evaporator cooling coils. For many, air conditioning units are the ideal solution and provide excellent results. Although the air is not completely fresh, it still does the job in keeping a room cool in the summer months, or maintaining a warmer temperature when its colder in the winter.

However, if the air conditioning is left on in a room with no outside ventilation for too long, the air can become stale and less clean. To compensate, you should look to open windows slightly to allow for fresh air to flow into the room, without working your air conditioning unit too much, causing it to potentially falter and need an AC repair.

We understand this goes against popular belief that any kind of open window/door will disrupt the output of the air conditioning unit, but it will allow for the optimal quality of air to be present when in use.

What about fresh air intake?

In order to achieve maximum levels of ventilation without running the risk of working the air conditioning unit too hard, many are turning to systems that emphasise fresh air intake. These systems increase the pressure of the air inside the home, crucially keeping outside pollutants out of the area. Of course, if you open your window on a day that has a particularly high pollen count, you could risk this entering your home. But with a fresh air intake kit, you’re able to offer your indoor area the freshest air around, whilst still protecting it from the outside elements that may cause allergies etc.

Will we see more fresh air intake air conditioning units in the future?

The way technology is constantly evolving, and with additional systems such as the aforementioned fresh air intake kit already available to buy, you would expect air conditioning units with high fresh air intake levels to become commonplace in the near future.

If you feel like your indoor area could benefit from increased levels of ventilation to produce cleaner, safer air, then be sure to check out the high fresh air intake solutions available online today.

Does your AC unit need looking at?

If you feel like your existing AC unit isn’t producing the levels of cool air that it has been previously, then it is likely there’s a fault present. Our experts are specialists in providing a high quality AC service all over the country. If you require a standard service or AC maintenance, Bluebird Refrigeration are the ideal people to call to keep your system in peak condition at all times.

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