Malfunctioning refrigerator: Repair or replace?

Malfunctioning refrigerator: Repair or replace?

Refrigerator Repair

One of the biggest dilemmas you will be met with if your refrigerator has deteriorated in condition will be if you should look to replace the fault or replace the system completely to make way for a newer model. This decision can pose a number of separate questions, such as:

Should my refrigerator be in this condition considering the amount of time I’ve had it?

How do I know that my refrigerator is beyond repair?

At Bluebird Refrigeration, we understand that these questions can be very hard to answer if you are not a refrigeration expert, which is why we are on hand to give you a few pointers about whether it may be best to stick by your old model or take the opportunity to get a brand new refrigerator for your facilities.

How old is your current refrigerator?

This is the first thing you should consider when met with this dilemma, as the age of the refrigerator can greatly impact it’s overall performance. It’s the same with anything, right? You’re very lucky to have a pair of shoes that last you 5 years these days, and your standard laptop or computer begins to slow down after a few years of use. So, be sure to think about how long your current system has served you, and whether it has naturally ran it’s course.

If your refrigerator is still fairly new then it may be a fault that can be repaired, as the rest of the parts in your system are still in good working condition, but if your refrigerator is old and late on in it’s lifespan, getting a full replacement could benefit you and your business in the long term.

How often does your refrigerator malfunction?

The next thing you should ask yourself if your refrigerator displays a fault is how often does this happen? A system that experiences multiple faults in a short amount of time can leave it more time on the “treatment table” than actually performing the role that you bought it for! Is this something you want to experience for an extended period?

If your refrigerator continues to have faults and requires repair more often than not, it can be seen as unreliable and it may be time to invest in a new refrigeration unit entirely.

However, if this is a first time fault for a refrigerator system, getting the help of the team here at Bluebird Refrigeration. Our experts in commercial refrigeration repair are on hand to quickly diagnose the issue it has and to offer a service, repair or refrigerator maintenance service on the spot, so your refrigerator can be back running as normal as soon as possible!

Is it worth repairing or replacing your refrigerator?

Another aspect that many people consider is money. Sure, if you want to be on the safe side and ensure that the issue doesn’t occur again and eat further into your budget, then it may be easier to replacing the whole unit with a brand new one that you know can do the job.

Although this would be the safest way of doing things, many people don’t work for huge conglomerates with a seemingly bottomless pit of money to spend on their facilities. With this in mind, the cheaper option is to look for a high quality refrigerator repair company to get your refrigerator back to full working order, for a fraction of the price!

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