What industries benefit most from Bluebird Refrigeration?

What industries benefit most from Bluebird Refrigeration?

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Refrigeration units are a crucial cog in the machine of businesses that work in many different industries. Their versatility combined with being a vital function means that they will always be useful for companies that are looking to keep items at a certain temperature.

You know that without a commercial refrigerator your business will fail to run at the standard it is today, we’re not going to insult your intelligence on that. Which is why if your refrigeration unit needs repairing, you are going to want it quickly looked at to avoid any hold-ups. Over the  years, various industries have benefitted  from our services, so if you work in any of the ones listed below, you might want to keep us in your contact book!

Hotels & Restaurants

Anywhere that relies on the use of food, especially fresh meats, are going to be dependant on a fully functioning refrigerator to ensure that their produce is kept in a safe (and tasty!) condition. If you discover a fault with your refrigeration unit, this can cause a delay within your business,  potentially losing customers as a result.

This is why a problem should be identified and rectified quickly by a team of professionals. This is where our commercial refrigeration repair service comes in. We can come out to your facility whenever you require us due to our around the clock service. That’s right, you can contact our team 24/7 and we guarantee we will be at your premises within 48 hours.


Warehouses also rely on large scale refrigeration units to keep products at a required temperature. As warehouses are normally one or two steps away from the store shelf that consumers see on a day to day basis, any fault here can delay the process for multiple parties. This is why if you spot a fault or feel something isn’t right with your refrigerator, you should call an expert immediately.

Many of the call-outs we attend are at warehouses. At Bluebird Refrigeration we have a team of pros that have known the ins and outs of refrigerator units for many years. This is why we have been able to help many warehouses get back on their feet after a fault, with our commercial refrigeration service.


Morgues are another setting in which the use of a refrigerator is paramount. This is crucial in keeping a corpse that is placed there in the best condition possible. They are used to store corpses, for either a short or long period, whilst arrangements are made following the person’s death.  Therefore, their upkeep and maintenance are vital – both out of respect for the deceased and their grieving relatives.

If you spot a problem with your mortuary refrigeration unit then you should look to have it checked out by an expert as soon as possible. Once your unit has been repaired, it may be useful to use our refrigeration maintenance service to keep your unit in the best condition at all times.

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Have you decided that now is the time to contact a commercial fridge repair expert to diagnose your system once and for all? We are available to contact 2Do you work in any of these industries and have a problem with your refrigerator? If so, the team at Bluebird Refrigeration can help! Be sure to get in touch with one of our experts by giving us a call on 01695 660257 or email us at service@bluebirdref.co.uk. You can also fill out our online form with any detailed enquiries you have.

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