The importance of air conditioning indoors

The importance of air conditioning indoors

For many people, air conditioning is a godsend. Since its inception in the early 20th century, it’s now become commonplace in many countries across the world.

In the UK, summers don’t reach the same consistent soaring temperatures as elsewhere, but in many commercial buildings especially, air conditioning units will be present.

So, why are they so important? Why can’t we just open a window and let the fresh air flow through? This blog from Bluebird Refrigeration highlights why air conditioning is a crucial component in all kinds of buildings, both domestic and commercial.

Providing a better quality of air

Did you know how dangerous low-quality air can be to health? Sure, you’ve probably heard about it, but it’s easy to overlook the issue.

One of the main features of an air conditioning unit is to improve the standard of the air in an indoor space through effective ventilation. Fitted with clever filters, they are able to remove any ‘dirty’ air – for example replacing air that may be filled with dust particles for example – with cleaner air that is much safer.

It’s for this reason that air conditioning units are required by law in many industrial workplaces, in order to adhere to health and safety regulations.

You may often see air conditioning units in care homes and/or hospitals, ensuring that those who may have respiratory health issues are able to reside safely in an indoor area.

It’s clear that in many cases efficient air conditioning is essential, so too then is air conditioning maintenance. Vital in making sure your system continues to produce clean, safe air.

Quality of life

 Everyone loves warm, sunny days, but we all know there’s a point where the heat becomes too much. It can lead to discomfort, frustration and a longing to get to somewhere cool… and fast!

With an air conditioning system in place, you can provide a steady flow of cool, refreshing air and resolve the issue quickly.

Many commercial buildings such as shops and cafes make use of air conditioning, as a way of improving the experience of their customers. Would you go back to that restaurant with no air conditioning on a hot day? Probably not. Air conditioning systems are now standard if you want your business to be able to compete.

Improved productivity!

Many office spaces and workplaces are turning to air conditioning to provide the optimum working environment for their employees. Being ‘hot and bothered’ leads to increased distraction, a shorter attention span and sluggishness, which can see levels of productivity drop right down.

To create the ideal, comfortable workspace for employees, you can now expect air conditioning units in commercial office spaces worldwide, allowing staff to perform at their peak for the duration of their shift.

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