How do I keep my refrigerator clean?

How do I keep my refrigerator clean?

How do I keep my refrigerator clean?

Throughout their lifetime, refrigerators are depended on daily to keep products and produce at a required temperature – fit for consumption. With this in mind, it is safe to presume that they are victim of some pretty vigorous use, right? It is likely that spillages will occur whether used by staff or customers and, over time, there will be a natural build-up of dust, debris or any other general grime that will need attending to.

If your refrigeration unit is left too long without cleaning, vital components could become blocked and stop working, requiring a form of refrigerator repair, which could give your system some very unwelcome down time!

So, let’s find out some simple things to consider when cleaning your refrigeration unit, shall we?

First thing’s first

It is a must that you turn the refrigerator off before you begin to clean. This will help you stay safe throughout the process, as you will not be at risk of encountering any live electrics or moving parts. Turning off your system also helps save on your electricity bill at the end of the month (you’ll thank us later) as you will not need your refrigeration unit to be turned on while you are cleaning…

…this is because you should empty your fridge before you start to thoroughly clean. Removing the contents will allow you to reach every possible part of your system, giving it all the attention it deserves. If products are proving to be an obstacle to reach a certain part of the fridge, you may just accept that it “looks clean” or “no one will ever see that part anyway”. These are assumptions you should never make, as months (or even years!) of neglect can see a huge build-up of bacteria in that concentrated area, which is liable to spreading.

Thoroughly clean each area

There are two main areas that you should pay special attention to when thoroughly cleaning your refrigeration system, the doors/gaskets and the condensers/coils that have air flow around the refrigerator. Of course, we recommend that you give every aspect of your refrigerator some TLC, but these two components work the hardest to ensure that your refrigerator is kept at the required temperature. So, why are they so important and how do you go about cleaning them?

Refrigerator door/gasket

The job of the door is quite self-explanatory, to help differentiate between the temperature needed inside the refrigerator and the one outside the system. Door gaskets are the seals that are tightly placed around the door to stop any warmer air coming into the fridge, when the door is closed, through small gaps that may appear.

These areas can fill with grime over time, so it is recommended that you simply clean them with washing up liquid. For more stubborn grime, or even contamination, a stronger detergent may be required.

Condenser and coils

Refrigerators work hard to remain at a required temperature and use a lot of power to do so. Air filters through the condenser and coils keep this process running smoothly, so if these are clogged by dust and debris (which is inevitable over time) then this can change the amount of energy your refrigerator uses drastically.

We recommend that you invest in some condenser cleaner spray to regularly keep air flowing as normal, as well as removing the filter itself and vacuuming away any dust and debris that may have accumulated.

Keep on top of things

One of the most important aspects of keeping your refrigerator clean is to get into a routine. We know that it may not be the most glamorous task in the world, but if you leave your refrigeration unit without a spruce up for too long, then it can quickly become a dirty, dysfunctional and unpleasant place to store your products. And you’ll only end up needing to fork out on a new one! However, there is a simple solution. A regular clean will take less time than a large scale job every once in a while. Attention to detail goes a long way with refrigeration maintenance, trust us!

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