Does your refrigerator or AC unit need a service?

Does your refrigerator or AC unit need a service?

No one wants to contemplate the scenario in which their refrigerator or AC unit has fallen foul of a fault. After all, it can mean hold ups to business, newfound chaos in its downtime and an excruciating wait to find out the diagnosis. On occasion this problem can appear, often through no fault of your own! As a result, you should look to be best prepared in case this time comes, so you can deal with it quickly and in a way that won’t disrupt business – or the day to day running of the property – too much.

Here at Bluebird Refrigeration, we provide the whole package when it comes to making sure your system is on fighting form. We operate in the maintenance, service and repair of your refrigerator or AC unit so you can always call on us if you ever hit an icy patch!

What is a refrigerator or AC service?

As you may have gathered, servicing, maintenance and repairs go hand in hand, but they all have distinct differences that make them important to consider individually. Maintenance is a scheduled check to ensure that there are no lasting faults with your system, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you can continue to use it as normal.

But as we know, issues with your system can arise from anywhere, at any time. As much as we would like to, we can’t have a professional do a thorough check on our systems daily! This is where an AC or refrigerator service comes in. If you discover an issue with your refrigerator or AC unit outside of your regular maintenance schedule, then you should get an expert – much like the ones from Bluebird Refrigeration – to come out and service it so it can be back on fighting form as soon as possible.

How do I know if my AC unit or refrigerator needs a service?

Of course, we are not all professionals in the field and are not capable of making all the in depth checks. But there are some simple tell tale signs that there is a problem if you feel something isn’t right…

  • Does the quality of the product feel different? – does the air feel like it is a different temperature than stated on the thermostat? Are your refrigerated products not cold enough or frosting over?
  • Is your system making a noise that it wasn’t previously? – if this is the case, there could be a mechanical fault present. If this problem persists we recommend calling a professional as soon as possible.
  • Is your system producing a funny smell? – this could be a variety of issues that are causing this strange odour. Again, you should call an expert as soon as possible.

Get in touch with Bluebird Refrigeration

If you feel like it would be best for a professional to check out your system, then an AC or commercial refrigeration service might be what you need to get your pride and joy back to its previous, good as new, condition. When working hard for many hours a day, it is inevitable that your system will experience some wear and tear, so don’t hesitate in calling in the experts from Bluebird Refrigeration today and we will happily diagnose and fix the problem using our industry know how.

We offer a nationwide service, so don’t worry about your location, we are able to reach you quickly in your time of need. To contact our refrigerator service today and speak to one of the team directly, give our head office a call on 01695 660257 or contact our 24/7 service hotline on 0800 0432 583 with any issues that need immediate attention.

You can also fill out our online enquiry form or drop us an email at and we will be sure to respond as soon as possible.

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