Does your AC require maintenance, a repair, or a service?

Does your AC require maintenance, a repair, or a service?

Air Conditioning Maintenance

A question we get asked a lot here at Bluebird Refrigeration is “what exactly do I do when I find a fault in my air conditioning unit, and how do I prevent the fault happening again?”. Well, it is a very valid point, as after all, no one wants to be forking out more than they need to maintaining the upkeep of their AC, when there are other areas that you could be investing in!

To keep your AC unit in the best possible condition, you would look to repair the fault, then have it go through servicing and maintenance checks to make sure that the area around the AC unit suffers minimal disruption. We are on hand to tell you a little bit more about each in this blog post.


If you find a fault in your AC unit, you will often call a repair company, much like the one here at Bluebird Refrigeration to come out and fix the issue that you have found with your system. This could be something that is as small as a low level of refrigerant, which is used to remove the levels of heat and humidity from the room. Or could be a problem with your fan which, if not dealt with quickly, could mean no coming back for your AC unit.

Of course, using an air conditioning repair service will vary greatly in time and cost depending on the fault, but by calling in an expert to take a look at the problem you will quickly be back up and running with the issue now not causing you a problem.


If you want to take it one step further and prevent issues from getting to the point where they can potentially put your whole AC unit out of action, then servicing is something you might want to look into. Here, your system is tightened up in all areas, making sure it is back to its best possible condition. This is normally undertaken after a certain period of use, whether this is every 6 months or a year. This can involve general cleaning of the unit, making sure there is nothing clogging the fans or ducts, allowing the air to pass freely throughout.

An AC service is a great way of keeping your unit in fighting fit condition and is something here at Bluebird Refrigeration we will gladly assist you with.


But if you want to go the extra mile and to nip any issues in the bud before they are even noticeable to the user, then you may want to keep your unit regularly air conditioning maintenance checked. This is something that we offer at Bluebird, with one of our experts coming directly to your facility and looking for any issues that your unit may have.

Our friendly team will be able to use their expertise to point out a fault that may affect how your system performs in the future, giving you peace of mind of what to do next and allows you to stay one step ahead of any potential disruptions.

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