Is air conditioning worth it in the UK?

Is air conditioning worth it in the UK?

In the midst of yet another hot summer in the UK, more and more Brits are wondering whether they should take the plunge and install air conditioning units in their homes. Of course, it would provide you with that welcome relief of a cooler climate on an exceptionally hot day, giving you the comfort you deserve in your own home and presenting you with a better quality of sleep at night. They also provide a better working space, should you be working from home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, or if you like to work on creative hobbies during your downtime.

The benefits of air conditioning are crystal clear, so we won’t harp on about them too much! The big question is whether they are a worthwhile investment and whether you should finally look to take advantage of this potentially fantastic addition to your home.

A changing climate?

The main reservation that people have about installing air conditioning is how often it will actually be used throughout the year. Sure, it may be your godsend during the scorching hot sun, but what about on a cool day? Climate change has been a hot topic in the news lately, as heatwaves are predicted to get even hotter and more frequent in the summers to come.

So, the need for air conditioning really is a judgement call. Do you want to potentially jump ahead of the curve and prepare yourself for the hotter, longer summers, or would you prefer to stick it out and save your money?

An electric fan can only produce so much cold air, so now may be the time to make the change and implement a device that can keep you cool in the summer for years to come.

What about cost?

Another sticking point for those that have shied away from air conditioning units in the past is their overall cost. As they run on electricity, it is true that they can have a high running cost – but, as with any electrical device, this is dependent on how much it is used.

Such is the range of air conditioning units out there, you may not always want to pick the strongest, allowing you to benefit from lower running costs than initially expected. As the year’s progress, this technology is becoming more and more cost-efficient, so people are becoming increasingly relaxed about the prospect of installing air conditioning in their homes.

Units are also becoming more durable, meaning that an AC repair is less and less of a necessity. If you do encounter a fault, however, the team at Bluebird Refrigeration are on hand to help. We use our industry expertise to provide you with the professional service you need, all at an affordable price.

Is it environmentally friendly?

It is well documented that the world is becoming a hotter place to live. A large factor is an increase in electronic dependency, which means that more artificial heat than ever is generated on the ground. What’s the perfect solution for this hotter climate? That’s right, air conditioning…

But there’s a catch.

As they need electricity to run, air conditioning units are themselves part of the problem. If you would like to stick a plaster on the uncomfortable heat you’re experiencing in your home, a solid air conditioning unit is the way to go.

We at Bluebird Refrigeration strive to uphold the most energy-efficient air conditioning units possible. So, if you would like to make sure your system is running smoothly, be sure to utilise our AC maintenance service.

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