Does your Air Conditioning unit have a faulty drainage pipe?

Does your Air Conditioning unit have a faulty drainage pipe?

Air Conditioning Unit Faulty

Much like their refrigerator counterparts, air conditioning units encounter problems that can stop the airflow and reduce the unit’s ability to achieve the temperature you require. In some cases, such as a hot summers day, this can be a minor inconvenience, but it can also prove catastrophic if an area needs to be kept at a specific temperature for medical reasons or to preserve the condition of an item inside.

Here at Bluebird Refrigeration,  we specialise in the service, repair and maintenance of both refrigeration and air conditioning units. This is because their make-up is so similar, they perform largely the same function. And when there is a problem with either one of these systems, it can largely be attributed to the same list of potential faults.

Here we provide a list of potential problems that you should check for if there is an issue with your AC unit, so you can be rest assured you have done everything you can before calling for our help.

More about air conditioning drainage

Many people disregard the drainage of their AC unit as, to improve the safety and appearance of the unit, you can’t directly see where the drainage pipe is attached. However, it is crucial that any moisture taken from the air by your air conditioning unit is disposed of effectively and efficiently. If you see a trickle of water appear outside of your building, from the end of the PVC pipe, this is the reason why!

A drainage problem has usually occurred if you spot:

  • An area of water appearing around the AC unit, this could be flooding the ground below
  • An appearance or smell of mould around the vicinity of the air conditioning unit, but this could expand throughout the building if not dealt with immediately
  • Damp walls around your unit as the water has leaked out due to a clogged drainage pipe

Why could this problem have occurred?

It is important to note why a clogged drainage pipe happens, so you can identify any potential issues easier in the future. Essentially, this is caused when moisture – that is collected from the AC unit- starts to drip off the evaporator coil. This can lead to problems with the drainage as this area can collect dust and debris, which could then fall into the drainage system.

There could also be algae in your drainage system. The humidity that emerges in the drainage area, means that algae thrives and becomes a popular place for its growth if not checked regularly. We recommend that your air conditioning unit is checked more regularly if it is in constant use, as the humidity levels can rise and become a more likely breeding ground for algae that can clog your drainage.

How do I unclog my AC drainage pipe?

You might want to perform this yourself, but without expert knowledge, you might find yourself disrupting other parts of the system and causing the unit to shut down entirely.

With this in mind, it may be easier and give you greater peace of mind if you call an expert to take a look at the problem for you. This way you can get a full diagnosis of what the issue is and how best to fix it moving forward.

Luckily, the team at Bluebird Refrigeration have extensive knowledge in this area and our around-the-clock, nationwide service ensures you will never be waiting long before one of our experts will be at your premises.

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